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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Living Room throw

I've had my yarn picked out a living room throw for a few months now but I just couldn't find a pattern that I liked. I finally found a design I loved and started on it last night. It's called Kew Gardens Afghan.

living room throw

It consists of 35 rounds, but because I crochet tight, my gauge is 1" smaller than the one specified in the pattern. So, I may need to add a few more rounds to get my desired width. In the picture, there are 10 completed rows. It is working up fairly quickly.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Preemie Hats

Our June charity project at SCKC is making preemie hats for the OB unit of Marion Hospital. When a baby passes away, the hospital provides a shadow box for the parents. The hospital takes a photo of their baby in the preemie hat, then places the photo of the baby, the preemie hat, foot and hand prints and birth information in the shadow box and gives it to the parents.

I had never made a hat before much less a preemie hat. I found a great pattern called 10 Minute Preemie Hat. This pattern is very simple for beginning crocheters. Even though it says 10 minutes, it takes me a little less than 20 minutes to make one. They measure approximately 2.5"x3" when folded flat. I plan on making a bunch more in pink and blue. If any of you would like to make some to donate, let me know and I can get them to where they need to go.

preemie hats

preemie hat

Sunday, April 14, 2013


After my crocheting the Christmas coaster yesterday, it got me in the mood to do some snowflakes!

Earlier this year, I bought the book 100 Snowflakes to Crochet so that I could make my tree this year a crocheted snowflake tree. Little did I know that the snowflakes in this book, are teeny! Of course you could switch to a different yarn and bigger hook. These little flakes are made from crochet cotton thread #10 and a 1.65mm needle! But, they are fun to do. I've done 4 today but have only scanned in 2. I put the quarter in the picture so you can see for yourself the size of these flakes. I need to starch these before putting them on the tree.

#2 & #3

Christmas Coaster

Christmas? In April?! That's right! Got to start on those Christmas projects early!

My mom wants to make coasters for Christmas for people on her gift list. She's a newbie at crocheting (hey, we all start out that way) but for her, the more simple, the better. So I found a coaster pattern that I think she could do. So I whipped one up for her. I think it's the perfect size at 4.5" across.

christmas  coaster

I have been working on some tea towels the past few days, hence my lack of postings. =)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Washcloths Galore!

I mentioned in my previous post that my crocheting group is making washcloths to donate to charity. I've been whipping out a few different ones to see which shape I like better. I must say, I think I like the big "flower" looking one the best! The corners on the squares don't look great but it's serviceable. =)

001 (2)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Granny Square and Washcloth

We were away at the beach last weekend so I worked on Emily's afghan squares. This week, I needed to work on some prayer squares for my Ravelry Sisters Crocheted and Knitted in Christ 2013 prayer sister 2013 and some dishcloths for our charity work in the group. Here is the first unblocked 6" prayer square for my SCKC prayer sister:

Joyce 2013

And a bright and colorful washcloth:
I have a few more prayer squares that I am going to work on this weekend as well as some more washcloths.