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Friday, April 19, 2013

Preemie Hats

Our June charity project at SCKC is making preemie hats for the OB unit of Marion Hospital. When a baby passes away, the hospital provides a shadow box for the parents. The hospital takes a photo of their baby in the preemie hat, then places the photo of the baby, the preemie hat, foot and hand prints and birth information in the shadow box and gives it to the parents.

I had never made a hat before much less a preemie hat. I found a great pattern called 10 Minute Preemie Hat. This pattern is very simple for beginning crocheters. Even though it says 10 minutes, it takes me a little less than 20 minutes to make one. They measure approximately 2.5"x3" when folded flat. I plan on making a bunch more in pink and blue. If any of you would like to make some to donate, let me know and I can get them to where they need to go.

preemie hats

preemie hat